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„UpDate 3D loading” – accusation of plagiarism

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Această știre are o versiune în limba engleză pentru că a suscitat interes în rândul comunității artiștilor grafici din Statele Unite ale Americii.

Artists from Romania and the United States of America say that the entire work of Iani Papadopol is actually a copy of famous works regarding the world of video games designers. The news broadcast by Neptun TV, which presented the exhibit, launched a debate in the online environment on whether Iani Papadopol was actually an art thief.

On the 27th of April, Neptun TV broadcasted an article about the “UpDate 3D loading” exhibit that had the signature of Iani Papadopol. The exhibit was organized by the members of “Wild Art” Cultural Association. At that moment, critics said about Papadopol that he was the artist who transformed digital in art and that he gave shape to the three-dimensional art. They also said that Papadopol was born in the future and brought fresh air in the local graphic.

The exhibition caused a series of immediate reactions into the artistic world. On the Neptun TV website, people from the Romanian and international artistic environment brought evidence which showed that Iani Papadopol would have stolen the art work from a very famous Romanian artist, Daniel Dociu.

Since 2009, Daniel Dociu has been part of the video game designer’s elite. He was counted in the 2009-2010 edition of the Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide magazine. The illustrators who appeared in this list have won prestigious awards equivalent to the Academy Awards. The Romanian illustrator Daniel Dociu lives now in the United States.

Iani Papadopol was harshly criticized on Neptun TV news website. Bogdan wrote: “It is well known that artists are a little bit crazy. But how crazy can you be to actually have an exhibit with somebody else’s works?! Cheers to him! ... Cheers to the critics!”  Another visitor of the website, who calls himself Dariz, says: “The works are taken with no right from other artists’ portfolios. It’s sad to notice that something like this has echo not only in Romania but all over the world. I hope Mr. Iani will realize his mistake and give credit to the artists that inspired him.” Many reactions came also from visitors of our website that live abroad. They say that Iani is he is nothing but an art thief.  Reached by phone, Iani Papadopol’s father, the well known artist Constantin Papadopol, said that everything was a big misunderstanding.

The Neptun TV team, and, also the members of the Wild Art Cultural Asociation tried to reach Iani Papadopol, but he was not available for comments.

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